Out of Town Buying

At Advantage Cars we have you covered for out of town purchases. In order to help you with your out of town purchase we have come up with a few simple steps to ensure your buying experience is the best it can be.

Firstly, we hand deliver all of our vehicles. This means that the car will be driven to your door, most of the time within 36 hours, regardless of where you are around the country. We have a successful partnership with a company called iDrive NZ, who take every care possible to ensure your delivery experience is the best it can be. We have learnt over the years to not use transporters for a number of reasons. The biggest one being we cannot control delivery time, as when it leaves our yard we are at the mercy of a trucking company. Secondly we have had bad experiences with cars turning up with writing all over the windows, dirty, and in some cases damaged. iDrive NZ are highly respected vehicle delivery professionals, and we recommend them thoroughly when it comes to relocating your new vehicle.

Follow the simple steps below and your new vehicle purchase regardless of where you are in New Zealand, will be a simple and satisfying experience.

  1. Choose your vehicle online
  2. Call us directly to discuss the vehicle. Our contact details are listed next to the vehicles profile. You can request extra pictures, a short video, or simple ask our trained staff for a detailed walk around. We are here to answer any questions you may have.
  3. Request an independent pre-purchase inspection. Either an AA Check or an independent MTA Report. We can discuss the best option for you to ensure peace of mind. Whilst we will always be open and honest with you, an independent check always helps.
  4. Discuss with us the deal, agree on the small print and take the car out of the market and make it yours. We will always send you an Offer to Purchase agreement with every detail listed, before we ask you for a deposit.
  5. Make finance through us, talk to us about warranties and accessories you need fitted. Arrange full payment for your vehicle before delivery
  6. Talk to us to arrange a personalised delivery to your door