Protection Plus

Peace of mind motoring for our higher mileage vehicles
What Does it include?
  • Comprehensive written MTA Pre-Purchase inspection report on the vehicle
  • 12 Month Provident Warranty protecting your vehicle from any major mechanical issues that may occur
  • The vehicle will be serviced prior to delivery, saving you money over the initial stage of ownership
  • 12 Month Roadside Assistance Package included
  • New WOF issued on every vehicle

That’s over $1,500 worth of added value included in the retail price of any of the qualifying vehicles. This gives you the reassurance you need when buying one of these great value vehicles.

Why buy A Higher Mileage Vehicle?

Most people prefer to shy away from higher mileage vehicles due to the perceived ‘Risk’. They assume that higher kilometres relates to higher future repair costs.

That can sometimes be true to an extent but in general their fears are over blown. Modern Vehicles are designed to last a long time, especially in this day and age. This is an area that is ripe for finding a great deal on a late model car that some people wouldn’t normally be able to afford.

At Advantage Cars we have designed our Protection Plus packages to give you peace of mind when purchasing a higher mileage vehicle from us. A lot of the vehicles we sell in this category are ex-lease vehicles. These vehicles tend to do a lot of long distance highway driving, which sees the vehicle’s engine running at lower revs than normal around town driving, which can actually result in less wear on the engine, drivetrain and wearable items such as brakes.

These vehicles, mostly with full service histories, represent great value for money. As a rule you are better off to buy a later model slightly higher kilometre vehicle, than a lower kilometre older vehicle. Remember a car is only low kilometre when you buy it, not when you sell it, however the age of the vehicle always stays the same.

Qualifying Vehicles

All vehicles offered for sale at Advantage Cars that have travelled in excess of 125,000km and are less than 12 years old, have the Protection Plus package included in the retail price.

The 12 month warranty is provided by Provident Insurance. Provident Insurance is New Zealand’s leading supplier of warranties on used vehicles. The warranty included is upgradable to 2 or 3 years at a very competitive rate to give you better peace of mind. As always, all mechanical warranty claims require an excess to be paid and as each policy is created individually for your vehicle, certain conditions and exclusions apply.

Talk to our Business Manager or one of our friendly Sales Consultants if you have any queries on the details of the Protection Plus package, MTA Pre-Purchase inspection or the Provident Warranty provided.

Easy On-Site Finance Available

We have a dedicated Business Manager that will work with you to tailor a finance package to suit your needs.

We use all the major finance companies as well as offering bank finance on-site. Our rates are very competitive and applications normally take less than 20 minutes.

We can also arrange the added protection of Mechanical Warranties, Loan Protection Insurance and Fully Comprehensive Accident Insurance. Talk to us today.